“Financing for people who know trucks.
From the lender who knows trucking.”

Daimler Truck Financial knows the truck business. That's the bottom line.


I came to Daimler Truck Financial after disappointing experiences with both another truck supplier and another financial company and have been beyond delighted with every interaction I've had with them since.

Several years ago I had trucks from a different manufacturer, but I always had the sense they didn't value my business. They'd sell me a truck that was dirty, or they'd haggle over warranty work. After a particularly unpleasant interaction, I called Freightliner of Savannah to get a quote. I already had acquired one Freightliner and had been impressed with what I'd been hearing about some innovations they were making with bigger trucks.

Jason Williams of Freightliner of Savannah gave me a quote for two trucks in less than an hour. And then, just days later, I got a substantial new contract that meant I needed to drastically revise my order - to 30 trucks. Jason was able to help me with the financing, which I spread among Daimler Truck Financial and two other companies.

Then 2008 happened, and my business, like many others, was hit hard. I proactively reached out to one of my finance companies to tell them I'd need some adjustments. Instead of appreciating my good faith request, they responded by sending me a certified letter that they were going to seize my trucks if I didn't pay for them in full.

I couldn't believe they would treat a long-time customer that way, especially when compared to DTF's response. Daimler Truck Financial was eager to work with me to create a financial plan that made sense. They know everyone has tough times and that I wanted to get ahead of it. They wanted to work with me and get me back strong.

And they did. When I was ready to crank back up, they welcomed my truck purchase.

Today my business is growing again. And I'll never forget how Daimler Truck Financial responded when I was in a bind-they understood my situation and treated me with respect and fairness.

I know that Freightliner of Savannah and Daimler Truck Financial are partners in my business. If there's a problem, someone will address it immediately and make sure that the end result is a satisfied customer. I just want to say thank you for what you have done for me, my business and my family.

Chandler Lloyd, Owner
Able Contracting
Ridgeland, S.C.

Making Life Easier for Customers


“Fast-paced” are the words I would describe a typical day for the Fleet Services team. Our first call may be to obtain refinance papers for a balloon, then it’s sending copies of contracts and titles, answering questions on an invoice or producing a special report. But no matter what the request is, we make it happen for our customers.

Each customer has a unique situation and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them. For example, one of our customers has over 100 locations, with vehicles at each one. They had originally set up payment accounts at each location and were making over 100 payments each month. It became a nightmare for them to manage. We helped them consolidate those payments into just one wire transfer each month. This was a huge timesaving benefit to them and they are thrilled with the result.

We also assume the responsibilities for helping lease customers with their finance/lease options as their leases mature. We assist in setting up the outright purchase of the truck, refinancing the residual into a new lease contract or rolling it into a 12-month renewal, all based on the customer’s needs. We take on the entire responsibility so there is only one contact point for the customer.

Whether it’s a soft-skill way of improving communication with our customers or “hard” changes to systems and processes, we do what is necessary so we can handle anything that comes our way.

Emily, Fleet Services

Helping Solve Business Challenges


We routinely speak with customers about their businesses and the challenges they face to see how we can help them. We think this kind of contact is important, because often Daimler Truck Financial can provide solutions to our customer's business challenges

In one instance, I spoke with a fleet customer who needed to add trucks to his fleet and replace older equipment. However, the timing when he needed to take delivery of the new trucks overlapped with the new model-year production. Unfortunately, external factors were forcing an increase in price of the new model-year trucks. The customer needed the trucks, but wanted to avoid the higher cost.

To help him, we coordinated with the dealership, the Daimler truck manufacturer and the customer to pull forward the entire order that was originally planned for delivery spaced throughout the year. We combined that with a custom solution that allowed the customer to take delivery of the trucks all at once, while allowing interest–only payments on the trucks until the customer actually put them into service. The customer got the trucks he needed and avoided paying the price increase by making limited payments on trucks that were not yet generating revenue.

Only a lender who knows trucking, knows how customers run their businesses, has extensive dealer relationships and is aligned with the truck manufacturing partners can provide solutions like this. It happens every day here.

Carrie, District Finance Manager

“Daimler Truck Financial was eager to work with me to create a financial plan that made sense.”


“In the Fleet Services Department we know that each customer has a unique situation and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for them.”